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From cook apprentice in a gourmet restaurant to home chef today, 15 years have passed. Fifteen years of wandering, of going from job to job in the hotel and restaurant industry. From the smallest to the largest establishments, from pubs to London palaces, via luxury campings on the Landes coast, from the kitchen to service, from pastry-making to reception. These were fifteen magnificent years during which she was looking for where she wanted to end up. In 2018, Élise started as a home chef which was not at all premeditated, but today she doesn't regret her decision at all. She only recently specialised herself in vegetarian and plant-based cooking, and she loves it! Working with plants and all that nature has to offer; learning to listen to our body and our environment, learning to know and take care of ourselves, this is what she wishes to transmit through her cooking, at your home or in your vacation accommodation.
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