Discover nordic activities in savoie mont blanc Snowshoeing, skiing or sledding... A well-deserved return to nature!

Nordic activities for all  

For a long time, visitors have been coming to the French Alps with only Alpine skiing in mind. And although the big ski resorts are still very popular, many people have turned to other types of activities in recent years. Important to know many skiers only ski 3 days out of their 6-day vacation.   

The number of Nordic sport enthusiasts in the Alps is always increasing. Expensive ski passes, larger the crowds, and difficult road conditions have pushed many to try other outdoor activities. Today, getting back to nature has taken a whole new meaning.  

Travelers who turn to local DMC’s to enlighten their stays will be able to see the wide range of new activities in the mountains. Indeed, the region has become a real source of innovation in outdoor disciplines such as cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, fat bike (an electric assisted mountain bike), SNOOC, Nordic walking and many others...  


A mindfulness walk in the heart of nature   

This is an opportunity to walk while taking in nature with time to reflect and dive into mindfulness and relaxation. This type of meditative walk is usually done in silence. The goal is to concentrate on your breathing, your heartbeat, and your surroundings. Little by little, your attention will be focused on each movement during the walk. This will help open your mind to the 5 senses. Reconnecting with what is important and present! 

A journey both outside and inside! 


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Discover some of the most popular Nordic disciplines  

How about getting lost in the calm and serenity of the wilderness 

Enjoy the silence of the forests and the rushing sensations of gliding, which will bring back childhood memories or bring out the child in you. 


Snowshoeing: in the footsteps of trappers   

Are you tempted to discover the forests and hill tops with ease? Well snowshoeing is for you. Don't worry, it's easy!  

Enjoy a slow-paced walk along snowy trails, surrounded by frosted trees, silence and magical scenery. It is also a perfect time to try mindfulness walking!   

Without snowshoes the experience wouldn’t be the same, with them you will feel like you are floating atop the snow. After a few minutes with this strange gear, your steps become more precise and walking becomes natural.   

Snowshoeing is suitable for all levels and material is easily found throughout the Savoie Mont Blanc region. Itineraries are also available throughout the region, follow the marked hiking trails, which are still used in winter. For the more adventurous among you, think of the off-the-beaten-track trails for more fun. Not sure of where to go hiking, hiring a guide is a good idea. 

And remember you are in the home of some special inhabitants, think to not disturb the fauna and flora of our gorgeous forests!   

Would you like to know more about snowshoeing? Read the article!

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Classic Nordic skiing or skating: an Olympic sport  

Learn more about an Olympic discipline: biathlon. So, will you be the next Martin Fourcade? 

Before being able to compete in a competition, you’ll have to learn the basics and understand the difficulties of this challenging sport. Nordic skiing allows you to discover preserved areas in the heart of the massifs. Gliding through forests with snow covered trees is such a special experience. Cross country Skating is fun and exhilarating add shooting a light gun in a far-off target well Biathlon is a very physically and mentally demanding sport, very muscle of the body and mind are used. Intention is key.  

Find out more about Biathlon, the Olympic sport par excellence! Click here! 

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Dogsledding: an age-old means of transportation 

For many tourists, the dogsledding embodies the Nordic dream par excellence!  

It is indeed an activity that arouses any adventurous mind. Many resorts offer dog sledding baptisms. The objective is to help travelers discover the joys of gliding while admiring the work of the dogs, the musher and the breathtaking landscape.   

All professional mushers dream of participating in epic arctic expedition. Many of them participate in La Grande Odyssée, an international race that takes place every year in Savoie Mont Blanc. 

And you, would you be ready to take the challenge in the snowy mountains?   

Discover the science of mushing and reveal the leader in you! Read more


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Bivouac and Pulka: live an outdoor adventure!  

What if, after a day of hiking on snowy trails, you choose to make the experience last?   

At the end of the day, at sunset, it's time to pitch your tent and spend the night in the wilderness. Everything should fit in a backpack. But if you need to take more equipment, think of the pulka: the traditional sled for polar expeditions!   

So, are you ready to leave for several days with your tent, without knowing in advance where you will camp? An ideal experience to live your Nordic adventure to the fullest!  

(For the less adventurous, don't worry, it's also possible to spend the night in a chalet)


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