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Born in Passy, at the foot of Mont-Blanc, Mathieu has been immersed in the world of the mountains since he was very young. His passion for hiking and exploring nature has only increased with time, so the mountains have also become his place of work. Mountain Expert, Ski Instructor and Biathlon fan, he is eager to share his knowledge about the rich and diverse environment of the mountains. Let Mathieu guide you and take you to the top of the mountains to observe all that surrounds us!
Megève & Les Contamines Challenge Yourself - Biathlon!
Learn the basic techniques of this discipline which combines Cross-Country Skiing & ...
From 2 to 6 people* *For more people, please contact us 2 hours Available in Winter From 70 to 160 € per person * *Depending on the number of people Spoken languages: French, english
With Mathieu Mountain Expert - Ski Instructor Book
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