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Annecy and lake

Food Tour in Annecy

In this Food Tour in Annecy, explore the lakeside city by combining a historical visit to the old town with the discovery of local culinary specialties. This gourmet experience will immerse you in the culture and gastronomy of our region!

From 2 to 8 people* *For more people, please contact us 3 hours Available in Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter From 135 to 275 € per person * *Depending on the number of people Spoken languages: French, english, spanish
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What awaits you during this activity : Food Tour in Annecy

The territory of the Alps boasts a rich heritage closely linked to the Savoyard gastronomic culture. Annecy, the capital of Haute-Savoie, is home to passionate artisans of taste, true enthusiasts of this culinary heritage. The bustling streets of the city are dotted with shops, beautiful bright workshops, and renowned cellars that will delight food lovers during this Food Tour in Annecy!

Your guide will welcome you for a gourmet and historical stroll in the heart of the "Venice of the Alps." One cannot discover the specialties of a place without delving into its cultural treasures to fully understand its authenticity! Your guide will invite you to wander through the cobblestone streets of old Annecy, such as the Sainte-Claire alley. Here, you will discover Savoyard culinary traditions and iconic landmarks.

The gastronomic circuit proposed by your guide will introduce you to a cheesemaker artisan. They will make you savor typical products such as Beaufort, Reblochon, or Abondance cheese. And what could be better than enjoying it with a glass of Savoyard wine? You'll still be licking your fingers when, on your way to the next tasting, you walk along the banks of the Thiou canals. These canals run through the city on both sides, adding a certain charm! Just a few steps away, you will delve into the unique history of the most emblematic monument of the lakeside city: the Palais de l'Île.

Why not savor some charcuterie to continue your Food Tour in Annecy? The producers will let you taste their exceptionally high-quality local products. Later, you will enter the workshop of a pastry chef who will introduce you to sweet specialties symbolic of the region. Among them, you may find tantalizing chocolates and cakes with pralines. Your taste buds are in for a treat!

You will continue your gourmet experience under the watchful eye of the Château d'Annecy, which overlooks the old town from its height. It was a key location for the House of Savoy and represents the medieval heritage of the city.

Your guide will also immerse you in the world of local beer, rich in aromas and flavors. An initial introduction to production techniques will teach you more about the origins of this Alpine product.

Perhaps you will still enjoy one of these culinary treasures as you make your way towards the shores of Lake Annecy. What could be better than doing so while enjoying a superb view of the turquoise waters and the magnificent mountains that overlook them? It's a true journey that you will experience during this gastronomic adventure, where all your senses will be awakened!

In total, you will be offered 8 tastings during this gourmet stroll in Annecy. You will enjoy not only the flavors and delights but also the knowledge acquired through the discovery of craftsmanship, recipes, and other secret ingredients. It will be an opportunity to participate in friendly moments of sharing and exchange with your guide, as well as talented local artisans and producers. Thanks to this Food Tour in Annecy, you will be immersed in the local terroir, culture, and way of life of the Alpine region!

Is your desire to explore Savoyard gastronomy limitless? Extend your gustatory experience with our cheese and wine tasting session with a Master Cheesemaker, elected Meilleur Ouvrier de France, accompanied by a professional sommelier. Are you passionate about vineyards? Opt for a private tour of the Savoyard vineyards with a private driver for an exclusive discovery!

(If you have any dietary restrictions or allergies, please inform your guide before the tour date so that they can accommodate your needs.)
  • Annecy old town Visit with a private guide
  • 8 local products tastings
  • Cultural specialist services
  • Private experience
Not included
  • Transfers round trip
  • Personal expenses
  • Chamonix Guided Visit with a private guide

Your guide for this activity in the Alps : Aude

I am lucky to have an exciting job. What I like when I guide is to be able to share what I have discovered during my research with people who are curious to know more. History will have no more secrets for you ;-)
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