What to do in the Alps in autumn? Find out all our activities that you can do in the Mont Blanc region

The arrival of autumn has a real impact on our metabolism. It alters our mood, our energy and our sleep.

Don't panic!!!

Here are some ideas for fall activities in the Northern French Alps and the Mont Blanc region that you can take part in with family or friends and that will allow you to discover and live unforgettable experiences.

Whether they are cognitive, sporty, cultural or gastronomic, these activities will take you out of your daily routine, stimulate your senses and above all... make you love autumn!

Let’s finally transform this season of the year into an opportunity to recharge our batteries simply and efficiently !


Take in the crisp fall air by practising an outdoor activity

With Fall coming in fast and winter right around the corner, a lot of things start to change, light lessens, the days will slowly get shorter, the greyness will set in and the temperatures will drop.

Yet, outdoor experiences and activities, even in rainy, cold and cloudy weather are an excellent remedy against seasonal sadness.



First steps to the Mont Blanc

Who hasn't felt the need to get away and breathe in some much needed fresh air of the Alps ?

Put on your best walking shoes and start the hike of the First Steps to Mont Blanc!

Guided by our mountain leader, passionate, specialist of the area, discover the sumptuous, unique and mythical landscapes of the region.

Unforgettable Memories!

Electrical assisted mountain biking tour of the Mont Blanc

Are you an experienced cyclist, or a simple bike riding enthusiast, would you like to combine physical activity with sightseeing ? Looking to discover and admire some fabulous panoramas of the Northern French Alps such as the majestic Chain of the Aiguilles rouges?

Then our private electrically assisted mountain biking activity is for you !

Book your experience you won’t be disappointed ! 


(Re)Discover culture in the colors of autumn and enjoy local gastronomy 

Can we tempt you with an escape game/treasure hunt in exceptional spots of the Northern French Alps?



Treasure Hunt in Chamonix with our "Enigmatorium"

Wander the streets of Chamonix, admire the Mont Blanc with its ever changing light and enjoy learning more about the history of the land ?

Discover our Enigmatorium adventure, a unique outdoor activity in the heart of Chamonix valley where you can put yourself in Jacques Balmat and Michel Paccard’s shoes while solving riddles.

With your family or friends, visit and explore the narrow streets of the irresistible mountaineering city of the Mont Blanc region... during autumn, the best season of the year.

A fun outdoor activity, accessible to all, a perfect fall outing, enjoy the beautiful colors of the changing panoramas while sharing each others knowledge maybe even some laughs.


Visit Annecy through pictures of yesteryear

We all know the movie "Back to the Future" but are you ready to go back in time in the historic city of Annecy?

While flipping through photos from 100 years ago, your guide will retrace the history of the famous Venice of the Alps.

Accompanied by a cultural guide, passionate, specialist of the region, take a trip back in time and discover the secrets of the historic city of Annecy with our Annecy City Tour.


Activities in nature and well-being

We have many alternative activities to fight against the inconveniences that the autumn season has on our body and minds.

In addition to our cultural and outdoor sporty activity ideas, we suggest to strengthen your immunity, boost your metabolism with "natural" and "wellness" activities.



Discover medicinal and edible plants

Why not take advantage of this autumn season, to learn more and better understand the medicinal virtues of plants and basic herbs ?

It has been proven that certain plants have therapeutic and beneficial powers on our body and are a way to take care of ourselves. Some are even edible.  

Discover, learn to recognize, and choose the right plants with our Discovery of the medicinal and edible plants activity during a hike in the autumn air accompanied by our guide and create your own medicinal or culinary compositions.


Plant cooking class

During this season, do you feel like getting cozy, eating a good meal while in warm atmosphere ?

In autumn, we all feel the need to comfort ourselves with good food but not just any dish !

Enjoy a unique Plant-based cooking class activity by having a private chef in your home who will take care of all the logistics and who will share with you all of her tricks to prepare a local, seasonal, light, healthy and vegetarian dishes in your home.

A Experience Mont Blanc moment that will delight your taste buds and allow you to savor new delicious culinary dishes.



In autumn, if we want to boost our physical and mental energies, it is highly recommended to go outside and take advantage of the fresh air, the light that we have left before winter and marvel at the thousand colors that the season gives us!

Between the different activities available in our beautiful Mont Blanc region, it would be a shame to miss splendid panoramas, memorable encounters, and unforgettable new experiences that will boost your mood and your metabolism and make this fall season the best time to take care of yourself, exercise and see life from the good side! 

For the more curious, discover all our other fall activities but also for the rest of the year!

And finally, we will finish with this beautiful quote, "Autumn is more golden than any other season".

It's your turn to play! 

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